Lượt Xem

Giới Thiệu Truyện

Shuttle through the heavens to find the avenue!

Against the time and the river does not lose weight, the reincarnation of the heavens is so bitter; the emperor faces the heavens and rises, and the holy inherits the destiny and ministers.

Overwhelming magical powers, infinite mana, ghosts and gods of the heavens, all laws are invaded!

Cultivate nine yin and nine yang, learn to refine the corpse and make amulet, seize the secret medicine of longevity, practice all kinds of spells, embrace the power of the prehistoric, gather thousands of different fires, enlighten the life of the stars, pull the coffin in the Kowloon, make a noise in the heaven, and put the sword of the immortal!

Thẻ Tiêu Chí